We know what’s at stake for a filmmaker. We've been there and done a lot of that… We've been on the other side of the table, and worked with distribution partners who were not always fair, honest or transparent with us.  This is precisely why MiLa Media Distribution exists today.


We offer over 20 years of combined experience in the film and TV distribution industry. We have immense relationships with different markets and territories. We are constantly looking for the best economic scenarios for each film. 


It proved to be extremely successful for us with our films and now we want to share our experience and offer other filmmakers the opportunity to have an honest and transparent partner. Above all, we want to give filmmakers a partner who treats each project with the passion which only a creator would have in their own work. At MiLa Media Distribution you are never just another number in a catalog or a title collecting dust in a dead library. Your work is important and needs to be seen in the world. We know how to do it.

Let us share your story with the world.

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