About Us

“Movies are the most powerful empathy machine in all the arts”
Roger Ebert

MiLa Media is an independent media studio bringing important stories to life. We focus on creating bold independent films and media which appeal to audiences globally. The company actively engages in the development, production and sales of smart media which has substance and challenges audiences' perspectives of the people and world around them. The films and media MiLa Media chooses to develop all have a strong commercial appeal to maximize exposure and reach people everywhere.

MiLa Media engages in productions directly and through it's subsidiaries:

  • MiLa Studios produces high-quality independent films across all genres.

  • MiLa Dark focuses in micro-budget narrative genre films.

  • MiLa Vision centers around episodic series, both scripted and unscripted.

The Team

David Milch, Partner & President

Dr. David Milch is a 1980 graduate of Harvard medical school. Upon finishing his clinical and research responsibilities in 1984, Dr. Milch moved to New York City to pursue his business career, soon branching into venture investments in technology and the life sciences. In the last decade Dr. Milch has broadened his entrepreneurial focus to include early-stage medical device and biomedical companies based in Israel.

Dr. Milch has a long history of supporting the arts. He has invested and participated in producing live theatrical shows including Avenue Q, In the Heights, West Side Story and Finian’s Rainbow, for which he received a “Best Musical Revival” Tony Award nomination as producer in 2009.

Tal Lazar, Partner & CEO

Tal Lazar is an Israeli-American filmmaker and educator. As a cinematographer, Lazar worked on over a dozen narrative feature films domestically and internationally. Following the recognition of his work as a filmmaker, he was invited to teach at prestigious academic institutions such as the American Film Institute Conservatory, of which he is an alumnus. Nowadays, Lazar teaches at Columbia University, the City University of New York and Berklee College of Music.

Lazar completed his military service at the IDF with a sign of excellence in service bestowed on him by the president of Israel. Upon earning a BFA degree at Tel Aviv University, he moved to Los Angeles in 2007 to pursue a graduate degree at AFI. He was both the cinematographer and producer of Every Time I Die and co-founded MiLa Media in 2017.

Ohad Ashkenazi, COO

Ohad (Odi) Ashkenazi is a prolific media professional with experience in production, management, social media operations, distribution, content development, writing and directing. Among his many successes are the launch of the Israeli Comedy Central (on behalf of Viacom and Ananey Communications), a TV channel he then managed for five years after which he became a member of Comedy Central's International Development Advisory Team. Ohad developed many TV formats globally, initiated partnerships and co-productions and ultimately sold them to industry leaders such as Netflix, Viacom channels, Lifestyle and more. 

Ohad served as SVP of content at Mana Originals, Director at Keshet International and as a manager of the Israeli humor channel "Bip."He has also directed numerous TV award ceremonies and was the showrunner for several entertainment shows. 

Phil Newsom, CFO & Head of Production

Phil Newsom is a New York City Producer of both film and theater. Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Phil began his career as an actor and radio personality before producing his first feature The Monument in 2005. Hit with the "producing bug," Phil moved to NYC in 2006, where he led the creation of an international short film festival and founded ArtEffects, a forward-thinking arts organization dedicated to fostering artistic growth, which included a popular program designed to guide theater professionals through the world of filmmaking. Phil parlayed his past experiences into a successful, award-winning career in independent film, producing a dozen feature films for incredible filmmakers such as Ben Barenholtz (Producer of the Cohen Brother's Blood Simple and Miller's Crossing and the Darren Aronofsky hit Requiem for a Dream). 

The MiLa Universe

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