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MiLa vision

MiLa Vision is the TV arm of MiLa Media. We develop, create and produce TV content, both scripted and non-scripted formats.


Docu-series, game shows, dramas, sitcoms and international formats - we enjoy creating programs that uplift, inspire, and entertain while filling the needs of the ever-changing marketplace. 


Our many years of industry experience in TV has afforded us with strong relationships with networks and broadcasters both domestically and abroad. 


Join us on our adventures through the TV landscape. To submit a TV project for our consideration, please use our submission platform

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The Denny McLain Story

His story has everything; love, crime, fame, mob ties, deception and
destitution. Denny McLain was a baseball star, two-8me Cy Young Award
winner, American League MVP and World Series champion. He is the LAST
pitcher to win 31 games in a season and the FIRST pitcher to be sentenced to 31 years in prison...


(In collaboration with Street Smart Video)


Kane Vs. Evil

Spine-Tingling paranormal adventure series that tracks Kane Hodder, the man famous for stalking campers as "Jason Voorhees" in the Friday The 13th films, on a road trip. Kane will explore creepy lore and stay overnight in some of the most haunted campgrounds,  RV Parks, and Cabins in the wood.


(In collaboration with Jarrett Creative)


Queen Crab

A TV Series based on the cult graphic novel by comic legend Jimmy Palmiotti (Harley Quinn, Painkiller Jane, Deadpool, Jonah Hex).

After an attempted murder and mysterious underwater encounter leave college dropout Ginger Drake with giant crab claws instead of hands, her struggle to get back to a “normal” life drives her to uncover how she got into this situation in the first place. As her investigation unravels the real motives of those who manipulated her, she’s led down an unexpected path of revenge and redemption.



A Sitcom by Guy Olivieri

Todd thought becoming a vampire would make his life better… But it still sucks.
Only now it might suck FOREVER. What do you do with eternity, when you have no idea what you’re doing with your life?


Group Hug

Unscripted format. A cool, fresh and honest dive into unique situations in life. The sentence that people at times of crisis and confusion would mostly like to hear is "I've been there and it's going to be OK".


(In collaboration with  "Wisdo", Google's first-award winner for Social-Impact-Apps)

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