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Frequently Asked Questions

In this page we will try to answer the most commonly asked questions about our submission process.

Please start here but do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.

Important information: In the beginning of 2020 MiLa Media will launch the first ever Creative Bank which will replace its current submission platform. The new Creative Bank is under development and will offer new opportunities to writers. All those who have submitted to the submission platform will be automatically migrated to the new system. In this transition period, no review of screenplays will take place. We do, however, encourage writers to submit screenplays in all genres and formats (feature films, episodic series and more) as they will enjoy exposure to new opportunities as soon as the new system is up. For any question, please contact us!

Press any question to reveal the answer.

1. Who are we?

MiLa Media is an independent media studio focused on creating powerful, thought-provoking films and media for global audiences. The company engages in the development, production and sales of smart media that has substance and challenges audiences' perspectives of the people and world around them. The films and media MiLa Media chooses to develop all have a strong commercial appeal to maximize exposure and reach people everywhere.

2. Where are we based?

MiLa Media’s headquarters are in Brooklyn, NY with offices in NJ and LA.

3. What is MiLa Dark?

MiLa Dark, a MiLa Media subsidiary, specializes in bold, scary movies that are high quality and economical budget.

4. What are we looking for?

MiLa Media is seeking a variety of different projects. The submission process determines, among other things, what MiLa division is best to examine a certain project. Many times one project is examined by more than one division at MiLa. We try not to miss any opportunity to find a good story!

Generally, the different MiLa Media divisions are seeking:

  • MiLa Dark is only accepting submissions of feature films in the horror genre which can be produced at a micro-budget level ($200k and under). The submitter must own or have the rights to the script submitted.

  • MiLa Studios is accepting submissions for medium to low budget feature films (under $5 million) in all genres.

  • MiLa Vision is accepting submissions for episodic series (at any level of development) both scripted and unscripted. 

In case your project does not fit any of the criteria above, we would still love to hear from you. Visual storytelling is an ever shifting field. MiLa Media is actively involved in cutting edge storytelling technologies such as VR and interactive.

5. What happens when you submit?

By submitting you give us the opportunity to review your suggested project. It does not give us the right to go ahead and use your idea. The intention is to find talented people to work with. If your project is selected then you will be contacted by our development team to discuss the next steps.

6. Do I need to sign anything?

Yes, you will need to sign a waiver. Production companies normally do not accept unsolicited submissions due to legal limitations. You will need to sign a document releasing MiLa Media from any liability in the case other projects share similar characteristics to yours. If you have a completed screenplay or story, we recommend registering it with the U.S. Copyright Office.

7. At what stage can you bring a project to MiLa Dark?

Only fully completed feature films are currently considered by MiLa Dark.

8. You submitted your script. Great! What happens next?

Rest assured your script will be handled professionally and command our full attention. We may contact you for further information should we need more details.
You will immediately receive a confirmation of your submission. Due to the large volume of submissions we cannot guarantee a timeframe for response. We do encourage our submitters to continue shopping around - your script is yours even after you submitted it to us! You may, at any point, reach out to us to inquire about the status of your submission. Once a decision has been made to continue forward, you will hear from us and we will begin a formal dialogue.

9. Can you submit more than one script?

Yes please!

10. You're overseas. Does MiLa Dark only work with United States-based filmmakers?

Of course not! As long as your script is in English, we'd love to review it.

11. What happens if your script gets picked up?

The fun begins. We will contact you and sign a production and/or development deal.
We may negotiate some script changes in order to move forward to production. 

12. Are we looking just for horror films? Can you submit scripts to other divisions of MiLa Media?

MiLa Dark is focused on the horror genre. However, our other divisions are always looking for great scripts and TV shows. Feel free to submit. Do follow our notifications and call-outs as we periodically search for specific projects.

13. How many films are we planning to produce?

MiLa Dark’s is on a rolling search and production schedule throughout 2022. The plan is to produce 12 micro-budget films. One, found on this platform, is already filmed!

14. If you have partial funding and are already working with a production company, will MiLa Dark co- produce?

MiLa Dark will not consider co-productions. However MiLa Media actively pursues co-production opportunities.

15. Is there potential for my film script to be developed into a series or serial?

Yes! Our development team will be reading your script with this option in mind. We are working with networks and streaming platforms, and if we feel that your script is more suitable for a series (or a limited series), we will consider developing it as such.

16. How else can you be involved with our activities?

We want to be in touch! Follow our website and sign up for updates. We are working on a lot of exciting projects and would be happy to work together!

17. I'm not sure what the budget level of my script is?

One of the ways films are categorized is by budget level. MiLa Dark, for example, will only consider projects that can be produced for $200k or under. However, as the screenwriter who may not have the ability to create a budget, how can you tell?

The budget of a film is affected by many factors. Some of them are locations (does your project require a complex set to be build, like a spaceship, or can it be filmed on location? Is it all happening in one or two locations or are there multiple locations which will require the film crew to spend time moving from one place to another?), number of main characters and visual or special effects (cars falling of a cliff, guns firing or budges collapsing...). At the script level, this is not an exact science. We recommend watching a few micro-budget films and find commonalities. Additionally, you may check out our blog where we give writers tips on how to write or adapt your screenplay to the micro-budget level.

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