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Welcome and thank you for participating in our review process!

Please remember that on this page you are exposed to intellectual property which has been submitted to us. You are reviewing this page under the terms and conditions of the NDA agreement which you signed. It is our shared responsibility to maintain the privacy and security of this information. Please contact us for any question.

Bellow you will find the list of projects which have been assigned to you for review. Select a project and hit 'Open Review' to open the project. If you already saved or published a review, the fields at the bottom of this page will be populated with the information you entered. Remember that the system will automatically log you out after 10 minutes of inactivity. Save often to avoid losing information!

Saving a review will not make it visible to our team. It is intended for you to take the time you need and come back to filling this form. Only after hitting 'Publish' will your review be visible to our team.

You may still make changes to your review after it has been published.

We recommend using a computer and not a mobile device to perform reviews. When hitting 'Display Project', a project page will open in a new window, allowing you to start filling out the review form as you start reviewing the project itself. Thank you, and enjoy!

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