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 Submitter Password Reset 

Submitters tend to forget their password. It's important to remind them, as a first step, that they received an access code which allows them to reset their password. Pressing 'Send' will send the submitter associated with the email entered instructions on how to reset their password. 

The access code which will appear is only visible to you. You can send it manually to the submitter if they lost their code. However, be sure that it's them!


Access Code: 


 New Reviewers 

Reviewers are invited manually.

Create a reviewer by entering their email below.

One email cannot be shared by a reviewer and a submitter! In other words, a person who submits to us cannot work as a reviewer - it is a conflict of interests.

Once the reviewer is created, their temporary password will appear below. They can change it.

New Reviewer



 Submission Management 

Press the button below to enter the submission management system. Remember that bulk actions cannot be undone. While projects cannot be deleted it is not possible to undo actions - double check before executing!

 Reviewer Management 

Select a reviewer from the list to view and update submissions assigned to that reviewer.

Remember to upload an NDA signed by the reviewer to the google drive before assigning submissions.

You can get a new NDA for signature here.



Delete Reviewer
Unassign Submission
View Review

Deleting a reviewer will not affect their

reviews in the system.

Unassigning a submission will not affect existing published submissions.

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