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Write our next film!

MiLa Media is offering writers the exciting opportunity to propose a synopsis to be commissioned into a micro-budget horror screenplay.

Please read the instructions carefully before submitting:

Based on the generic prompt below, write a log-line and a synopsis for an original micro-budget horror film you'd like to propose. Make sure that your choices are meaningful to the story. For example, the prompt mentions a college campus as a location but does not specify where on campus. This choice should be significant to your story. You are welcome to take a look at our latest blog post on how to write for micro-budget.

Our Writing Prompt:

A group of people meet in a college campus at night and unintentionally unleash a dark entity trapping them and forcing them to fight for their lives. The surprising resolution is ultimately found in the most unexpected way.

1. Take your time to think of your idea.

2. Fill the form below. Make sure to write an excellent log-line and a synopsis which describes your story well.

3. You are allowed to submit only one idea. Make it count!

4. Only those who are selected will be notified. 

5. You can take your idea anywhere during the time we consider it.

6. You may turn down MiLa's offer to commission a screenplay in the case you decide to take it elsewhere.

7. If selected, MiLa Media will pitch your idea to our partners for financing. If green-lit, we will make an offer.

Project title:


Up to 500 characters long.


Up to 1,000 characters long.

Just for fun and without putting too much thought into it, help us get to know you a bit better:

What is your favorite horror film of all time?

What would be the ideal sequel for a horror film that was never made?

Your ideal horror film would be about...

I understand and accept the terms and conditions

You must complete all fields to submit!

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